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Tours: Beyond Bizarre Ghost Tour


Newly revamped tour! If you've seen the Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, or Paranormal State TV shows, then this is the right tour for you! Unexplained mysteries, ghostly adventures, and spooky stories abound on our “Beyond Bizarre” tour. If you like the paranormal, weird, or wacky, let us be your guide to an evening of adventure. Believer or not...people of all faiths and backgrounds, including skeptics, are welcomed.

Eventseeker rated Beyond Bizarre as "#2 Ghost Tour in the Western US!"

At the start of the tour, we hand out real ghost hunting equipment just like that used by professionals and on TV. We then set out visiting known ghostly places and getting behind the scenes into what hauntings are all about. Unlike other ghost tours, this is not a theatrical performance where we carry lanterns and dress up in period costumes. It's a true view into the reality of paranormal investigations, the equipment and techniques we use, and how we separate the truth from the hoaxes.

A few years ago, we hired two consultants - Jefferson Davis (the leading expert and author on paranormal activity in the Pacific Northwest) and Karan H. (a proven clairvoyant intuitive) - to help us bring this sellout tour to you. We are certified members of the International Ghost Hunters Society and leaders and participants in the local, professional Ghostlusters Paranormal Society. None of us are in it for the ratings - we just want to let you see inside the investigations.

For some, the highlight is the portion of the tour where we venture below the city's streets to see if the equipment can locate Nina, a former 'working girl' who is known to haunt the 1885 Merchant Hotel. For others, it's getting the real dope on downtown hauntings. This walking tour offers an in depth view into the reality of Ghost Hunting and not the drama that you see on TV. We constantly hear back from guests who call this tour a 'Ghost Hunting 101' training session and who were thrilled to get an understanding of all the different types of hauntings including Residuals, Object Hauntings and Poltergeists.

All ages are welcome on our 7 PM tour or buy tickets now for our 10 PM 18-and-Over walks where no youth are allowed so we can let loose and stop saying "here they rented rooms by the hour." No matter what, be sure to bring your cameras (and other ghost hunting equipment) as many have captured activity along the way!

Tour Details

Dates & Times:

    Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 7 PM
    18-and-Over only Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 10 PM

Starting Location

Meet your guide inside the old Merchant Hotel building at 131 NW 2nd Ave (near NW Davis St) in Old Town/Chinatown. How do I get there?

Convenient covered parking can be found in the nearby Smartpark on NW First Ave and Davis St.

Tour Duration

    Under 2 ½ hours
    Less than 1 ½ miles (no hills, limited stairs)
    Be sure to dress for the Oregon weather.

Advance Ticketing

This tour almost always sells out (since each group is limited in size), so buy your tickets now. Advance ticket purchases are required to reserve ghost hunting equipment.

Ghost-Gear Special:You can gear up with your very own ghost-hunting gear such as EMF meters, how-to books, and hands-free lanterns from Big Red Arrow. Ghost-hunting tour/gear bundles also available!

Prices and Buy Tickets Now

Prices for all ages tour at 7 PM:

  • $23 Adults (Buy now to unlock frequent online sale prices)
  • $18 Senior (65 & up) and Youth (11-17)
  • $9 Child (5-10)
  • $0 Tots

Price for 18-and-Over Tour at 10 PM:

  • $29.Check for frequent online sale specials (often as low as $23.99) - 18-and-Over Adults only
  • No kids!, a smaller group, plus non-family-friendly material (just plain screwed up stuff).

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What you'll experience

  • Wield a working electromagnetic field meter (advance ticket purchasers only).
  • Bring your own camera to try to snap 'orbs' that some say are the presence of spirits.
  • Search for supernatural activity under the Merchant Hotel in one of “America’s top ten most haunted places” according to the Travel Channel.
  • Gain an understanding into the 7 different types of hauntings.
  • Glimpse into the professional procedures that are used in documenting, identifying, and understanding paranormal activity.
  • Discover firsthand why there's a "Keep Portland Weird" bumper sticker.
  • Understand the various hoaxes and mundane explanations involved in paranormal activities.
  • Hear tales of dark secrets, strange rituals and things that go bump in the night.


These are the things you'll discover with us:

  • Paranormal Events, Unsolved Mysteries, UFOs, the Strange and Unusual - paranormal is not just spirits and hauntings.
  • Ghosts, Spirits, and Hauntings - the truth behind ghost history, types of hauntings and mistaken hauntings
  • Ghost Hunting 101 - Use real ghost hunting equipment.
  • Paranormal Hoaxes & Illusions - What's real and what's not.
  • Weird, Wacky, and Tacky - You'll get an inside track into some outrageous places and practices.

Reviews & Kudos

"...combines the hustle and bustle of "The Blair Witch Project" with the technological tools of "Ghostbusters" in the pursuit of Portland's paranormal."
- Seattle PI Newspaper
"In all my years of researching the paranormal in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve never seen an urban area with a higher concentration of supernatural activity than here in Portland. This tour visits the top three haunted places in the city and gives walkers the unmatched opportunity to perhaps witness other-worldly things most never experience."
- Jefferson Davis, leading paranormal expert and author
"...entertaining way to spend an evening."
- Business Travelogue
"If you want to rub Portland’s underbelly and make it purr like a black kitten, get online and sign up...Portland Walking Tours is not responsible for soiled britches."
- PDX Magazine
"It wasn't all fun and games though, because "Sam" was awake that night. In one area of the hall the EMF meters, including my own, started going crazy. It happened on the exact spot where Rose had been savagely killed."
- Portland Mercury
Rated Beyond Bizarre as #2 Ghost Tour in the Western US!
- Eventseeker
"Even though I had a personal experience when I was growing up, my friends don't believe me. The best thing about last night is we all had a blast!"
- Bill Weadley, San Francisco, California USA