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How to Make the Most of the Last Days of Summer with Portland’s Hottest Rooftop Bars

September 12th, 2017

If your list of “bars to try in Portland” feels like an ever-expanding bucket list, you’re not alone. The plethora of choices in this town can be downright overwhelming. And with the last days of summer in sight, you may be especially feeling the crunch. It’s time to move Portland’s hottest rooftop bars to the top of that list.

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Southeast Portland Coffee Scene is Full of Heart

September 8th, 2017

Where do you go when you want the city’s best coffee? If you’re like us, more often than not, Heart Coffee comes to mind. If you’re a serious Heart Coffee fanatic, you keep both tried and true locations bookmarked in your head for whenever you’re near downtown or NE Burnside and the mood strikes. Sometimes you’ll even make the trek across town just to grab a latte. Well, what if you didn’t have to? It’s a new day in Portland, my friends. Southeast Portland coffee lovers can celebrate because Heart Coffee Roasters Woodstock has officially opened for business!

Yes, it’s true! Heart has opened a third location on a sunny corner of SE 52nd and Woodstock.

Read on for more details…

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20 Years of Unicycles and Martinis in the Bike Lanes

June 30th, 2017

Here at Portland Walking Tours, we love the City of Portland staff that marks the bicycle lanes around town! For about two decades, they have been coming up with hilarious and unique designs that help give Portland its special flair. This time, they have outdone themselves. According to Shannon Henry, who took this picture and posted it on Flickr, they like unicyclists too!

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Lyft Like You Mean It

June 26th, 2017

So, it’s Friday night in Portland and you and a friend are off to your restaurant pick of the evening. Your friend attempts to hail a cab. Scratch that. You summon a Lyft instead using the handy app you just downloaded. A couple clicks and you’re done. Easy. Once you’ve succumbed to Lyft Portland’s charms, you start noticing that little pink sign all over town, like the urban beacon that it is. Ever wondered where all those other Lyft passengers are going? Thanks to the company’s Lyftie awards, you no longer have to. Let’s take a look back at the 2016 winners.

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The Little Chocolate Shop with a Big Story

May 23rd, 2017

Switzerland, that minuscule country roughly the size of the state of New Hampshire, lays claim to the most chocoholics around. If you’re like us and feel a twinge of anxiety whenever your chocolate stash runs low, your immediate reaction might be to personally dispute that claim. Whether their adoration for chocolate runs deeper than ours is up for debate.  As far as numbers go, however, there’s no contest: the Swiss consume twice as much chocolate per capita as Americans. It makes sense, then, to turn to Switzerland’s chocolate manufacturers for clues as to why this ubiquitous delicacy has endured.

With so much Swiss chocolate available at grocery stores and pharmacies (think Lindt bars, Lindor truffles, and the ubiquitous Toblerone), there is something inherently special about stumbling into the downtown Portland outpost of legendary Teuscher Chocolates. Running counter to the typical business model of the modern world, the decades-old company has remained small. Even their shops are tiny! Recently, we sat down with Theresa Luthi, the owner of Teuscher Portland, and chatted chocolate at her Broadway Avenue store.

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Hidden Gluten-Free Gems of Portland

April 25th, 2017

Have you ever traveled to a city just for the food? Well, if you happen to be gluten-free and headed to Portland anytime soon, you may wind up making a habit of coming back just to try all the gluten-free food options you couldn’t work into your first trip.

Make no mistake. The gluten-free food scene is not only alive and well in Portland, it’s topping lists all over the nation, with our mouth-watering flourless desserts forming the collective crown jewel of the GF scene.

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How to spot a genuine Portland Hipster

February 1st, 2017

Hipsterius Portlandae — the common Portland hipster. This indigenous species thrives in the secluded urban landscape of the Willamette Valley. Herds roam the wet pavement of Portland from Northwest Trendy-Third to Southeast Hawthorne, biking to impromptu gatherings at food carts, dive bars, and parks before heading to house shows to drink PBR and watch each other’s small indie bands perform. But there’s something unusual about this particular species that can make them difficult to identify:

An authentic hipster will never ever admit to being a hipster.

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Special Events in Portland for a Happy Halloween Weekend!

October 28th, 2016

Even though Halloween is happening on Monday this year, Portland still has so many events to offer that your head will spin! Whether you are looking to do something with friends, or take the kiddos somewhere fun and exciting, check out our list below with some of the best options in the city.

Howloween’ with the Oregon Zoo, Oct 29-30

Whether you’re bring your kids or if you are just a kid at heart, guests can’t help but beam when wild animals are exploring pumpkins. Dress up as your favorite animal and get treats as you learn about different animals from around the world. They even have scavenger hunts, a perfect activity for a parents and their young ones. The best part…it’s free with zoo admission!

Beyond Bizarre Tour with Portland Walking Tours


This is one for the bucket list we have to say! As described online, this is a ghost hunting 101 tour for skeptics and believers alike. We have an all ages tour as well as an adults only one. Best of all, you will actually get to carry around a EMF detector which detects if there are spirits around. We highly suggest taking pictures. Who knows, you might even Read more »»»

Personalized Pancakes, PB & J Fries, and a 6-Month Wait, Oh My!

October 14th, 2016

We don’t like to brag, and yet sometimes we want to yell it from the rooftops! Here in Portland we sure do love food, and have been nominated numerous times as one of the top ten foodie cities in the country. We literally have every option you can think of from fancy five star restaurants to inexpensive food carts. But some of our favorites are often one-of-a-kind spots that you may not be able to find anywhere else. Check out the list below and head out on a tasty adventure, and remember, we’re just trying to live up to our motto…Keep Portland Weird!

1. Slappy Cakes (4246 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR 97215)


Image courtesy of Ainsley F. on Yelp

A perfect place to express your creative chops through food. You literally get to cook your own pancakes at your table, with a built in griddle for your batter, and toppings of your choice. They get people of all ages, and special occasions like birthday parties, bachelorette parties, or family reunions are always welcome. Go here and expect to Read more »»»

In the Spotlight: Meet Portland Walking Tour Guide Joe Streckert, or as We Call Him, Mr. Versatile

October 8th, 2016

We’re going to be honest: we’re pretty wowed by our tour guide, Joe Streckert. Not only is he a native Portlander (yes they do exist!), which is a rarity these days in a city full of transplants, he actively leads five out of our seven different types of tours. How he keeps them all straight we’re not really sure. Clearly ‘versatile’ is his middle name. We’re excited that Joe took time out of his ultra busy schedule to talk to us about all the changes to his hometown, what he sometimes misses about living in Japan, and what makes Portland seagulls different (yes really).

First, a little background. Joe left Portland after graduating from Lincoln High School to attend the University of Oregon in Eugene where he majored in political science and according to him — decided to minor in philosophy for some utterly unknown reason. He claims Read more »»»

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