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Five reasons to shop downtown

December 9th, 2011

Getting in that holiday spirit? Thinking about where to spend your hard-earned dollars on loved ones?

We think you ought to consider downtown, for five reasons:

1. Convenience

So many stores, so little time… but having all those stores close together SAVES you time – a must-have commodity if you hope to get your shopping done on time. Plus if you work downtown, you can get started right at 5:00 (or 4:45 if the boss sneaks out early too!).

2.  Variety

The variety of stores downtown is unmatched anywhere else. Whether you’re buying toys, books, music, clothes or novelties, the array of choices can’t be beat.

3. Parking

Yes, you’re reading that right. Parking is cheap and easy with vendors stamping your parking garage tickets in thanks for your purchase. Spread the love around to different stores and get your whole day paid for!

4. No sales tax!

(This one’s aimed at you folks from the proud city of America’s Vancouver and environs… ya know, over the river and through the woods and all that…)

5. Places to take a break

Even the hard core need to get off their feet every so often. Downtown offers a myriad of places to get a warm cup of coffee or drinking chocolate, a bite to eat, even a movie if you finish ahead of your shopping companions (and guys, we know who we mean).

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