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We are very pleased and humbled to receive so much positive TV, newspaper, magazine, and blogger coverage over the past 12+ years. And we especially love hearing from you. We sincerely thank you!

Epicurean Excursion (Click To Open and View)

AARP “Take a Bite Out of America” – Listing of food-tasting tours, including brief mention of ours.

Portland Octopus “Epicurean Excursion walking tour” – Great review of tour.

Seattle Times “Guided walks introduce groups to some of Seattle’s finest food” – Feature on new Seattle food tour with mention of Epicurean Excursion.

Examiner Seattle “Hotel hopping in Portland, Oregon” – Feature on Portland with mention of the afternoon Epicurean Excursion.

Seattle P-I blog “Whidbey Island life – high season for long lines” – Post on reader blog by travel journalist, Sue Frause, with mention of afternoon Epicurean Excursion.

The Oregonian “Magical demystifying tours” – Feature on local tours in Downtown section with color photo of David leading tour.

Crosscut Seattle “Eat and walk your way through Northwest cities” – Feature on morning Epicurean Excursion with mention of afternoon tour including color photos.

Seattle Times “Five easy places to visit Labor Day weekend” – mention of Epicurean Excursions in travel round-up.

Tri-City Herald “Foodies will enjoy walking tour in Portland” – Vivid description of the new Epicurean tour. Also says tour includes architectural and sustainable elements.

Longview Daily News “Fuller: Filled on fabulous food” - Detailed description of all the new Epicurean tour stops. Writer raved about the food and about how much he learned. Full page, cover of Food section with 4 color photos.

Longview Daily News “Want a tour? Try Epicurean Excursion” – Details on the afternoon Epicurean Excursion.

Eating L.A. “Foodie tours taking off in L.A.” – Mention of our Epicurean Excursion.

LA Times: Travel “Sweet side of Portland” – Describes new Epicurean as a “gastronomic tour” with quotes from a few of us.

Julia Flynn Siler blog “Edible Portland” – Describes new Epicurean tour in detail and raves about the “bounty of Oregon.”

Red Room “Edible Portland” – Describes new Epicurean tour in detail and raves about the “bounty of Oregon.” (cross post by Julia Flynn Siler).

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review “Portland Walking Tours adds second exploration” – Describes the afternoon Epicurean Excursion tour through the Pearl district’s culinary hot spots.

Portland Tribune “Food: Pay a little, eat a lot at new hot spots” – Portland Walking Tours is launching a new Epicurean Excursion so you can work off the calories as you walk.

The Oregonian “In the mix” – Second edition of Epicurean Excursion features chocolates and spirits.

Travel & Leisure close up “Portland Walking tours serves up second helping “Epicurean Excursion” – Announces the afternoon Epicurean tours and briefly mentions other tours.

The Oregonian A&E “Mr. Do and Mr. Don’t celebrate June in Portland” – Recommendation from Mr. Do to try Epicurean Excursion and sample over 25 Pearl District food and drink items. Mr. Don’t samples over 25 Pearl District drink items.

Travel Oregon “Delicious delights on a Portland Epicurean Excursion” Full review of tour with three color images.

The Oregonian A&E “Welcome to Portland” – Recommendation to try the Epicurean Excursion as a new visitor to the city or as a local.

Cooking Light “Enlightened traveler: Quick tip” - Epicurean Excursion brief in story on Portland.

Willamette Week “Back to school: You think you know PDX food? You have no idea.” - Extended story on the Epicurean Excursion with color photo.

altPortland “A walking tour of edible Portland” - Blog post with link to Miami Herald story.

Miami Herald “Give your taste buds a tour of Portland” - Pick-up of Seattle Times story with new mention of Beyond Bizarre tour.

Alaska Airlines Magazine “Portland itinerary: Food tours” - Brief story on Epicurean Excursion with large color photo.

Horizon Air Magazine “Portland itinerary: Food tours” - Brief story on Epicurean Excursion with large color photo.

Sunset Magazine “Eat your heart out” - Brief story on Epicurean Excursion.

NW Travel Magazine “A taste of the Pearl” - Two page color article with photos on the Epicurean Excursion.

Portland Tribune “Ditch the walking, and tour is perfect” - Phil Stanford’s column leads with the Epicurean Excursion.

The San Diego Union Tribune “Flavors of Portland Come Through on Tasteful Walking Tour” - Pick-up of Seattle Times story, full page with three color photos.

KGW.com “Walking tour gives a taste of the PDX scene” - Associated Press pick-up of Seattle Times story.

Evening Magazine “Segment on Portland” (TV broadcast) - Story on Pearl District.

The Daily Oklahoman “Portland offers Epicurean Excursion” - Positive review of tour and cheese festival.

The Dallas Morning News “Give your taste buds a tour of Portland” - Pick-up of Seattle Times story.

Idaho Falls Post Register “A tasty tour of Portland” - Pick-up of Seattle Times story, full page with three color photos.

The Journal News - Central Westchester “Give your taste buds a tour of Portland” - Pick-up of Seattle Times story.

San Jose Mercury News “Give your taste buds a tour of Portland” - Pick-up of Seattle Times story.

Seattle Times “Give your taste buds a tour of Portland” - Extended article with eight color photos and informational sidebars.

Northwest Palate “Walking (and nibbling) in Portland’s Pearl” - Two page color article with four color photos and an informational sidebar.

Portland Tribune “Events in the Pearl” - Brief on Epicurean Excursion in special section.

Portland Mercury “Tour of the town” - Reviews of all Portland tours including the Epicurean Excursion, Underground Portland and Best of Portland tours.

Edible Portland “Edible events” - Event listing.

Willamette Week “Dish events - Epicurean Excursion” - Brief on the Epicurean Excursion.

Portland Tribune “Weekend!Events - Tour” - Brief on Epicurean Excursion.

Edible Portland “Epicurean Excursion” - Extended brief on Epicurean Excursion with color photo at In Good Taste.

Leisure Group Travel “Oregon” - Extended brief on the Epicurean Excursion with color photo at In Good Taste and contact information in a sidebar.

The Everett Herald “Taste in travel” - Extended article with color photos and informational sidebars.

Spokesman-Review “Pleasure potential? Pearl jams” - Brief on Epicurean Excursion in Here & There section.

Edible Portland “Edible events” - Event listing.

New York Daily News “Know it all: Taste of Portland” - Brief on Epicurean Excursion with large color photo at In Good Taste.

Woman Motorist “Epicurean Excursion gives food lovers taste of Portland” - Link to press release and inclusion of Pearl Bakery photo.

Beyond Bizarre

Eventseeker rates Beyond Bizarre as #2 Ghost Tour in the Western US.

KPTV “Joe V. Halloween Segment at Old Town Pizza” – Beyond Bizarre tour highlighted as Halloween activity.

PDX Magazine “Top 10 ways to celebrate Halloween” – Beyond Bizarre tour listed as one of the top 10 things to do for Halloween.

Via Magazine “Spooky city tours” – A description of the Beyond Bizarre tour.

Pocket Express Blog “Have a ghostly time in Portland” – Extended story recounting the tales of the Beyond Bizarre tour. We're quoted throughout and photo included.

Positively Entertaining “Friday 13th auspicious date for Bizarre tour” – Review of Beyond Bizarre tour.

The Oregonian “Now, my daughter has a lifetime memory of seeing an Obama” – Description of Obama rally in Portland, then suggestion of “Beyond Bizarre” tour while in town!

Travel Portland Magazine “Old Haunts: Take a spirited walk on Portland’s spooky side” – Same writer who featured this tour for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. He encourages visitors to check out the city’s “ghost walk”.

PDX Magazine “Keep Oregon weird” – Tour is listed as one of the odd things to do in the city and as a great way to get to know the “shady-as-hell” happenings of Portland.

Ultimate Magazine, The Oregonian “Seeking the supernatural in Portland’s old haunts” - Feature in The Oregonian’s new glossy magazine insert. Rave review of Beyond Bizarre tour with quotes from David Schargel and color photos.

KGW-TV “Drew Carney morning segments: Take a walk on the wildly bizarre side” - Series of live morning broadcasts from the White Eagle featuring David Schargel and highlighting the tour.

KOIN-TV “Lynn Huston morning segments: Live from Old Town Pizza” - Series of live morning broadcasts from Old Town Pizza featuring tour guide Damon Kupper and highlighting the tour.

Portland Mercury “Ghost busters: Exploring Portland’s ghostliest haunts” - Feature story on Beyond Bizarre tour with salty quotes from David Schargel and spooky color illustrations.

The Oregonian “A&E section: Terror tours” - Calendar mention of Beyond Bizarre tour.

The Oregonian “inPortland section: Halloween menu veers from fun to macabre” - Calendar mention of Beyond Bizarre tour.

The Oregonian “Portland’s buried truth” - Cover story on the Shanghai Tunnels.  Features Michael Jones but quotes David and mentions Portland Walking Tours.

Via Magazine “What’s new in the west: Beyond Bizarre” - Brief on new tour.

Portland Tribune “Pearl in the fall” - Brief on the new tour in Destination Pearl District special section.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer “Short trips: Portland walking tour hits the ghost trail” - Feature on the Beyond Bizarre tour with three color photos.

Just Out “How bizarre” - Blog post.

Alameda Times Star “Travel tidbits” - Brief on the Beyond Bizarre tour.

Fremont Argus “Travel tidbits” - Brief on the Beyond Bizarre tour.

PDX Magazine “Walk the walk” - Extended article on all tours.

Travel Portland Media Update “Ghostbusting in Portland” - Brief on the Beyond Bizarre tour.

Spokesman-Review “Here and there: Watch your step” - Brief on Beyond Bizarre tour.

GO! Magazine, Bend Bulletin  “Beyond Bizarre” - Waiting for hard copy to arrive.

KPAM Weekend Travel Show “Interview with David Schargel” - Launch of Beyond Bizarre tour.

The Oregonian “Night on the Town” - Featured mention in inPortland calendar.

Business Travel Logue “Portland, Oregon ”Beyond Bizarre’ paranormal walking tour” - Blog post.

Ghost Haunts “Beyond Bizarre tours in Portland” - Blog post.

MetrobloggingPortland “Portland gets another spooky ghost tour” - Blog post.

Chuck’s Weird World “When in Portland...” - Blog post of press release.

Underground Portland

The PDX Guy “We took the Underground Portland tour that dealt with the cities sub-culture and a lot of the seedier, "color" side of Portland history. From cop corruption to Shanghaiing, the 2 hour walking tour was a pleasure as our guide led us through the streets (not to mention, UNDER the streets!). Well worth the time and price. Not sure which tour we will take next, but we will be back for another! ”

News-Times “Seniors will take walking tour of Portland’s historic seamy side” – Newport Senior Activity Center is hosting an underground tour.

The Seattle Traveler “Portland has an underground too” – Review of underground tours.

Discover America “Portland Itineraries” – Round-up of tourist activities in Portland.

NW Travel Magazine “Going underground” - Feature with full-color photography and mention of a variety of underground tours in the Pacific Northwest.

The Oregonian “Night on the town” - Brief in inPortland section with color photo.

Journey Magazine “Know your city with an underground adventure” - Color brief with two photos.

Travel Oregon Magazine “A walk on the wild side” - Two-page color article with photos of the Underground Portland tour.

Portland Business Journal “Holding underground meetings: Touring the Shanghai tunnels” - Story featuring Cascad Geographic Society and Michael Jones’ tour with mention of the Underground Portland tour.

San Francisco Chronicle “All that Portland jazz” - Brief on Underground Portland tour in Portland travel round-up.

Portland Picks “Halloween Picks” -  Old Town Pizza and the Undergound Portland Tour make for a spooky eve - picture of tunnel in basement of Old Town Pizza.

Portland Tribune “Be Downtown - The Spookiest Month” - Portland Walking Tours does its best to inspire fear with the Underground Tour of Portland.

Corvallis Gazette-Times “Portland Underground” - Pick-up of Longview Daily News story.

Longview Daily News “Portland Underground”- Extended story with color photos.

Portland Monthly “Tunnel revision” - Conversation with David and Colin Meloy of The Decemberists on the Underground Portland tour.

Albany Democrat-Herald “Portland Underground” - Pick-up of Longview Daily News story.

PlanetOut.com “Portland, Ore., is ready for its closeup” - Recommendation of Underground Portland tour in travel section.

Portland Tribune “Be downtown: Rain or shine” - Brief on Underground Portland tour in special section.

Portland Tribune “PortlandLife - Adventure” - Extended brief on Underground Portland tour.

Portland Tribune “On the town” - Brief in Phil Stanford’s column.

KPDX-TV, Fox 12 News “Underground Portland” - Footage and interview with David broadcast during 10 o’clock news.

The Oregonian “inPortland upfront calendar” - Best Bet brief on Underground Portland tour with photo of tunnels.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer “1 tank / 1 trip: Even Portland’s shady side has its urban delights” - Extended article with five color photos.

StumptownConfidential “A good week for history nerds” - Press release with intro describing the Underground Portland as “another doozy” of a tour.

SlabtownChronicle “Underground Portland” - Positive review of the tour.

Wall Street Journal “Travel Watch - Briefs” - Mention of Portland Walking Tours and Underground Portland tour.

Portland Business Journal “If debauchery is your thing, then this is for you” - Around Town article about the Underground Portland tour.

KGW-TV  “Walking tour launches ”Underground Portland’ showing city’s sordid side” - Online story with news release excerpts and on-air mention.

KINK-FM “Cheap thrills” - On-air mention by Rebecca in the morning and posting of press release in her blog.

Best of Portland and Other Tours

Bend Bulletin “Out of town” – Calendar and information of Portland Walking Tours through November 30.

Eye on the Bay, KPIX-TV “Portland, part one” – Feature segment on Portland with (our founder) David as guide.

Portland Tribune “Sustainable life calendar” – Brief on Best of Portland tour.

1190 KEX “Portland named one of America’s best walking cities” – David, our founder, quoted affirming the uniqueness and beauty of Portland and her streets. Pearl District ranks 99/100 nationally for best walking area.

Portland Tribune “The Short List” – Describes Mother of Pearl tour.

SmartTraveler.com “Portland is Oregon’s “it” city for culture and fun” – Encourages visitors to take a tour of the city with Portland Walking Tours and learn fun facts and interesting Portland stories.

1190 KEX.com “Summer staycations” – Photo of Benson Bubbler and mention of all Portland Walking Tours events available this summer.

LivePDX “Portland Walking Tours” – Great blog post about exploring the city with Portland Walking Tours. Also recommends the new scavenger hunts.

Gourmet Report (in German) “Portland is the most pollution free large city in America” – Describes city’s green features and gets some information from our blog about pedestrian and cycling accessibility.

Meetings West “Oregon: The far-out west” – Notable Portland stops, some history, and quotes from David.

Seattle Times “Walking tours” – Overview, mention of all tours.

The Spokesman-Review “A chance to roam through history; here & there” – Tour overviews and descriptions, along with website mention.

Centre Daily.com “From dark secrets to dark chocolate” – New season release.

Modern Agent.com “Portland Walking Tours rolls out new program” – Overview of tours offered in “travel pulse” tours and packages section.

Daily Courier “Portland Focus of popular walking tours” – Overview of all tours.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution “Budget traveler: Daily deals” – Details of all tours.

The Oregonian “Walk this way to Portland’s past and present” – overview of tours, quotes from guides.

National Post “Hands across the border: Portland” – Focus on Portland with round-up encouraging readers to book a tour with Portland Walking Tours.

Spot Magazine “Walks to remember – for pooches & their people” – Feature on pet-friendly walking tours.

PDXLive.com “Portland Walking Tours: A local learns about her city” - Feature story on the tours with four color photos.

Portland Business Journal “The sole of the city” - Lead strategies story with color photo highlighting the business, tours and corporate offerings. Also includes cover teaser with color photo.

OregonLive.com “What sites should Oden and Durant see in Portland?” - Recommendation by Deborah Wakefield to take a Portland Walking Tour.

Portland Tribune “But we love Rose Rest time, we swear” - Mention of David Schargel in Phil Stanford’s column.

You Maga Magazine “Portland events” - Japanese calendar mention.

KINK-FM “Mention of Epicurean Excursion” - Mention of tour in round-up of things to do on the weekend.

Portland Tribune “Pound the pavement on a walking tour” - Article on all three tours with large color photo.

Willamette Week “Outdoors” - Mention of Portland Walking Tours in brief on Bohemian Storytelling Tours.

Portland Business Journal “Executive profile: David Schargel” - Profile on David with large color photo.

Travel Portland Travel Update “Tour Portland on foot” - Brief on the 2007 tours with photo.

News4Neighbors.com “2007 tour season” - Posting of event.

KPAM Weekend Travel Show “Interview with David Schargel” - Launch of 2007 tours, mention of daily tours and description of all.

InsideBayArea.com “Travel tidbits” - Brief on the launch of the 2007 season with specific mention of the Underground Portland tour.

Argus (Fremont, CA) “Travel tidbits” - Brief on the launch of the 2007 season with specific mention of the Underground Portland tour.

Tri-Valley Herald (Pleasanton, CA) “Travel tidbits” - Brief on the launch of the 2007 season with specific mention of the Underground Portland tour.

Bend Bulletin “Out of town” - Event listing for 2007 season.

Seattle Times “Travel notes: Bring your walking shoes to Portland” - Brief on the launch of the 2007 season with mention of all three tours. Have not yet received hard copy.

SpeakUpMagazine “The creative city” - Extended article on Portland featuring David Schargel as Portland expert with accompanying audio. Have not yet received hard copy (international publication).

The Vancouver Sun “Painting the town in Portland” - Mention of the Best of Portland, Epicurean Excursion and Underground Portland tours.

The Oregonian “Mr. Concierge’s Insider Portland Tips” - Mention of Epicurean, Underground Portland and Best of Portland Walking Tours as some of “Mr. Concierge’s” hot picks for visitors to Portland.

KINK-FM “Lost in the roses walking tour” - Web posting of the news release.

SellwoodBee “Events and activities” - Brief story on Ladd’s Addition neighborhood tour.

Southeast Examiner “Portland’s oldest planned neighborhood” - Brief story on Ladd’s Addition neighborhood tour.

Portland Tribune “Q&A - Local Person” - Profile on David Schargel and Portland Walking Tours.

Portland Monthly  “Portland’s Living Room” - Best of Portland Tour; includes quotes from David Schargel.

GQ Magazine - One page color story on visiting Portland. Mentions David Schargel and Portland Walking Tours.

Daily Journal of Commerce - About the real origins of the Pearl District and what it has become. In their article, "Walking Tour Sheds Light on Pearl District's past", our "Mother of Pearl District" Walk is discussed.

Oregonian has a hysterical article about taking a tour with us during our first week of the tour season in 2004.

Willamette Week bestows a "Best of Portland" award to Portland Walking Tours! We were honored as the "Best Way to Fake Being a Native" in the their annual Best of Portland awards.

KINK-FM - We were on the radio with the Morning Show.

Unwired Weekly - The notion of a wireless corridor for the Portland Streetcar was discussed with the staff of Unwired Weekly.

KPAM-AM - Jimmy Hollister talked with us live on the radio on KPAM-AM (News Talk 860).

AAA VIA Magazine - We were mentioned in the May/June issue of VIA Magazine - the magazine of AAA (Automobile Association of America). Don't forget that we're a partner with the AAA Show Your Card & Save Program!

KPAM-AM - We were on the Jimmy Hollister radio show again on KPAM AM. This time we discussed the origin of the word "Oregon", the infamous coin toss that named Portland, the first school and the teacher - John Outhouse, the Stark Street Ferry (which was free for funeral parties and children), and the origin of the nickname "Stump Town".

KPAM-AM - Once again, we were on KPAM radio. Since it was Mother's Day, we chatted the Mother of Oregon (Tabitha Moffatt Brown), the Mother Queen of Oregon (the oldest known Oregonian at over 120 years old), the first white woman in Oregon (1813), and the fact that the nations first paid policewoman was here in Portland.

KPAM-AM - David, our founder, was on the Jimmy Hollister radio show again on KPAM AM (News Talk 860). Since our Mother of Pearl District walk is coming up, we talked all about the Pearl - the origin of the name, the first artist (who paid $100/month for 3000 sq. ft!), the first gallery walk, the Portland Dog Bowl (a water fountain for dogs), and the Tanner Creek that really does runs under the Pearl.

Good Day Oregon TV show on KPTV Channel 12 - We showed the Weather Machine at Pioneer Courthouse Square, the oldest building in Portland (1859! The same year that Portland became a state), the Portland Dog Bowl (a Benson Bubbler for dogs - yes, dogs), and Chapman Square (which was once known as Women's Park).

KPAM-AM - We were on the Jimmy Hollister radio show again on KPAM AM (News Talk 860). We talked endlessly about the origins of the Rose Festival, the Royal Rosarians, our three big parades, and the origin of the Rose in this City of Roses.

What Our Guests Say (New!)

Epicurean Excursion

We took the Epicurean Walking Tour in July 2013 with Herb as our guide. The entire experience was wonderful and we would take any other tours that Herb is the guide or that the company offers. This is a five star walking tour. Especially with Herb as the guide.

A great experience for locals as well as those visiting. Extremely entertaining and fun. Tour guide (Herb) was fantastic. We learned more about the city as well as the food venues. Each stop was unique and fun. A great experience for locals as well as those visiting.
- Martha C, Omaha, Nebraska

Our guide, Brad, was knowledgeable, fun, accommodating, and inspired. We had a mixed bag of ages and backgrounds in the group, and ALL seemed to have a super time. We were visiting my boyfriend's sister's family at the time... the night before the tour, she kept saying, "Why didn't I know that they did this Epicurean tour of Portland? I want to go on that! All of my friends would LOVE to do that!" Our tour guide was so FAB, I now want to move to Portland!!!
- Stephanie, Rohnert Park, CA

What a great way to introduce friends new to Portland to the history, culture and food-i-ness of Portland. We've lived here several years and learned a great deal as well. The food samples were varied, interesting and tempted us to return to the restaurants, spice shops, and vinegar purveyor for further culinary delights. Our friends had been on a similar tour in San Francisco North Beach (same price) and said this one was FAR better in food quality, variety and overall friendliness of those we encountered on the tour (great food buddies / vendors).
- MsCascade, Vancouver, WA

My husband and I took the Epicurean Walking Tour of Portland and loved it! Our tour guide Chris was so much fun. We went to places I'd never heard of and learned a lot about Portland history. We got to enjoy tasty treats and walk them off on the tour. It was a lot of fun and I highly recommend taking this tour!
- Buddy and Sara K

I wanted to report to you about Portland Walking tours, whom are on our show your card and save. Great tours. I went on the Portland Epcurian Tour and had a lot of fun on it. Definitely would recommend it to anyone. It was a lot of fun learning about F.L.O.S.S. (FRESH, LOCAL, ORGANIC, SEASONAL AND SUSTAINABLE).Definately a great show your card and save partner. Thanks for adding this one.
- Robin Vincent, AAA Clackamas

I just wanted to say three things to you and everyone there at Portland Walking Tours: The Epicurean Tour rocks! I'm sorry that I hadn't take it before. I've been in Portland for 4 years and in those three+ hours I learned a ton of stuff and had some *great* food. There's just so much happening in the food scene in Portland it's hard to keep up and my out-of-town friends and myself had a wonderful time discovering the latest tastes and trends. (Which is why I just purchased a bunch of gift certificates!) Herb was fantastic. I wrote down the wrong time by 1/2 hr, and was called by Herb just as we got into Portland. Like a mother hen he got us guided to his location (we were about 10 mins late) and proceeded to take us on a great tour and entertain us with food, local stories, history lessons, etc. He really made it an enjoyable experience and really added to the experience. So thank you for everything, from the great above-and-beyond customer service to the great tour, I had nothing but a wonderful experience. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
- Ron Fosner

My husband and I took part in the Epicurean Tour in August--and what a grand experience it was! I particularly wanted to thank our guide, Herb, for making it a top notch event. We were happy for every step and every bite. Thank you for a great adventure.
- Susan DuMond and Robert Armen

Chocolate Decadence

WOW. That was a wonderful experience. I loved all the different chocolates that were included (Benessere was a genius touch), and Sara did an amazing job. We all learned a lot, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. My stepdad bought extra chocolate from just about every place we stopped. I had no clue there was that much special chocolate in the downtown area. Thank you so much!
- Diane G, Portland, OR

The Chocolate Decadence Tour takes you on a journey to experience chocolate in new and exciting ways. Our tour started with totally decadent drinking chocolate (this is not your kid's chocolate milk!) and continued to dark chocolate balsamic vinegar (don't say yuck until you give it a try - I was pleasantly surprised). Chocolates by Swiss, American, and Belgian chocolatiers, a yummy and ice cold Chocolate Martini, several types of chocolate gelato, and tasting 6 different varieties of dark chocolate rounded out the tour. This is not a tour for the chocolate faint of heart. This is the real stuff. All of this deliciousness was made even better by our knowledgeable and entertaining guide Donna. I know so much more about chocolate now and had a lot of laughs gaining this knowledge. A great way to explore and learn about chocolate, and make your taste buds very, very happy.
- Vancouver WA

Best of Portland

I like to think I do my research before a vacation - but I cannot imagine finding in such a convenient way the amount of local lore, actual history, urban planning, foodie networking and general love of a great city that the Portland Walking Tours guides were able to communicate with such charm and energy. And they are supported by a fair and responsible office that makes reservations work. It is difficult to explain the kind of depth of understanding their tours made for us in Portland to those accustomed to a more "tourist guidebook" experience but we do try.... The tours are worth the time and more than worth the cost.
- Robert Cline, AIA, Rochester, MN

Our private Best of Portland tour] was a great experience thanks to Brad. He was a wonderful guide and we are looking forward to do another tour with him in Winter for our company's get together.
- Victoria Lugli Partner, Radha Consulting

Myself and family greatly enjoyed the Best of Portland tour! Our guide Drew was wonderful..he made everything fun and informative and is a credit to your organisation. Portland is a fantastic city!
Best Regards,
- Della Tully, Travel Oregon

We took the Best of Portland tour this morning and it was fantastic. We had a fantastic time and gained an appreciation about Portland we would have not gotten tooling around on our own. The gal (Alyssa ;-) was so dynamic and engaging that we want to take the 2PM Epicurean Excursion walking tour this Sunday, I sure hope you have space.
- Suzette McQuillen

[Our guide] was amazing - the perfect blend of knowledge and personality along with a great sense of humour. We could not imagine seeing Portland in a more interesting/educational manner. Enjoyed by all that were amongst us that afternoon.
- Naomi and Sam Yahav, Marlin Travel

"Best of Portland Walking Tour" made my 1st trip to Oregon educational, informative and fun. Love my guide Dianne so much that I did "Roses Gone Wild" the next day to learn even more about what Oregon has to offer. Take these tours and you'll be packing up and moving to Oregon!
- Renee from Manasquan

Wanted to commend Jonah on our Best of Portland Tour today. It was a real high point of our vacation so far.
- Laird Nelson

We want to thank you and Devon for the wonderful tour of downtown Portland. Devon was very engaging, funny and was attentive to all her group. As Sidewalk Ambassadors we relay information on destinations but don't get the opportunity to celebrate in Portland history. Devon gave us a well informed historical perspective and we were surprised we learned so many things along the way. We have been recommending Portland Walking Tours for awhile and now we can provide to our customers a more detailed reason why they should use your service. Again, thank you for the tour!
- Sidewalk Ambassadors, Portland

Just wanted to say that the tour we took was so great! Our tour guide was just fantastic. This was a experience that my family will never forget and hope to do it again in the future.
- Jennifer Alvarado

This was a great way to visit the city. I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and would recommend it to others, even locals. The next time I’m in town I will plan to take another of your wonderful tours.
- Bill Mathews, NAPBIRT

Bruce was the tour guide for the Monday morning (Sept. 12) Best of Portland tour, and for the Monday afternoon Portland Underground tour. Bruce is a good tour guide, full of the history of Portland that gives a visitor like me a broad feel for the city. I was most pleased by the experience and will recommend it – and Bruce -- to others. Had I to do it again, I would have taken one tour a day, rather than crowding both into one day; my older person’s feet didn’t hold up as well as I thought they would.
- Steve Kleinhen, Eaton, OH

Took the Best of Portland tour with my brother and cousin on Sunday. It could not have been better! Jonah was a fantastic guide. He kept it interesting and fun from start to finish. In addition to sharing his enthusiasm for Portland, he imparted to us so much knowledge about the city! Later that day we were excited to share all the details with the rest of our family and were surprised at how much information we retained from the tour. Highly recommended!
- Jessica Sands

We LOVED the tour you suggested to us. Our guide, Devon, was funny and really gave us a lot of interesting and funny information about Portland. That was perfect because we had only 2 nights and feel like we didn't miss many things thanks to the tour. I keep the all the links to your tours in order to advise our customers depending on what they prefer. I really liked Oregon and Portland, we had a lot of fun during our week there and I hope I can send you more and more French visitors cause it’s really worth it.
- Chrystelle Thomas, Voyageurs Paris

Underground Portland

This past weekend we took the Portland Underground tour with Adam, and he was fantastic! He really knew his stuff, provided the history of Portland in a fascinating way, and was very animated and fun. My group had so much fun, and it was due to Adam's presentation. I cannot say enough good things about Adam and his tour, and I just wanted to make sure someone at your company heard how fabulous he was. Please forward on my gratitude to Adam for making my birthday and the tour so great!

Thank You!
- Jody DeChristopher

My family and I (me, my husband and two college-aged kids) took the Underground Tour with Jonah. It was one of our favorite tours in Portland and Jonah was one of our favorite guides. Jonah was a wealth of knowledge and a lot of fun!
- Mali Family, California

Today, my wife, myself, and 6 guests from Ohio took the Underground Portland tour. We had a GREAT time. Our guide Alethea is a terrific story teller, which is exactly what you need when you are wrapping the the more mundane facts of history with the seedier side of events. She was very attentive to the heat of the day and optimized the use of shade whenever possible. One of our group was a retired firefighter and she made sure to point out the antique pumper at the central firehouse, which made Bruce's day. We learned a lot, laughed a bit, and really enjoyed the tour. I would gladly recommend this tour to others.
- Anthony S., Ohio

Beyond Bizarre

I came to Portland from Las Vegas specifically to do the Beyond Bizarre tour. Our guide Noah was fantastic. While in the Portland area I took over 200 pictures. In 3 of the haunted spots I got orbs. No other pictures have them. On the staircase at The Benson is a very big bright one near the floor. The parking lot that the psychic gets headaches and under the pizza place. Other than that nothing in any of my pics. I was not a believer of orbs until I looked at my pics. Freaky! Anyway thanks and thanks to Noah.
- Glenn, Las Vegas

I took two out of town visitors on the Beyond the Bizarre tour with Donna this past Saturday evening and just wanted to let you know that it was a great tour. One of my visitors, who is a tour addict and inspired the outing, said that Donna was probably the "best guide I ever had!" Just wanted to pass on the kudos.
- Nicky Martin Edwards

We were recently visiting Portland and took one of the late night tours. Donna was our tour guide and we wanted to let you know that she was excellent. Even without the ghosty info she would have been worth the cost of admission.
- Joni Russell

Flavor Street

My wife and I participated in a walking tour of the food carts. Our Guide was Damon. He was very knowledgeable not only about the carts, but Portland in general. He has a great personality. We very much enjoyed our tour and would recommend it to others.
- Anthony S, Ohio

The Flavor Street Tour was amazing. Bob was GREAT!
- Rae Miller, Blue Collar Kitten Magazine

The Flavor Street Tour of Portland's food carts is not to be missed!!! The variety of food carts we sampled from was great...lots of flavors to experience. We had such a fun time on our tour and I can't wait to book another one with Portland Walking Tours!
- Lara W., White Salmon, WA