Portland Walking Tours

Fun and Award-Winning Tours - Which One to Choose?

Cultural Tour:
Best of Portland

Our most popular tour. This award-winning walk clarifies why Portland is regularly recognized as one of the best places to live. You’ll hear about early and modern Portland as your guide shows you an enlightened city rich with artwork, parks, bridges, downtown trains, fountains, and 30+ brewpubs. Experience the Secrets of Portlandia. Even locals are amazed and entertained by what they learn.

Sub-Culture Tour:
Underground Portland

Not all of the illicit, naughty, bawdy, corrupt and shady activities happened below street level, but all were underground and hidden. On this walk you'll be exposed to the socially underground and the subterranean underground.

Supernatural Tour:
Beyond Bizarre

If you want bone-chilling good time, then you've come to the right place! Unexplained mysteries, ghostly adventures and spooky stories fill our “Beyond Bizarre” evening tour. If you like the paranormal, weird, or wacky, let us guide you on a dark evening. Believer or not - people of all faiths and backgrounds, including skeptics, are welcomed.

Libations Tour:
We Got Tipsy In Portland

For the first time ever in a single tour…wine…cider…beer…distilled spirits…cocktails…tasty snacks…and more surprises await, as we dive into Portland's many liquid assets. Come discover the many hidden inside stories and pick up some tips and tricks for choosing the best for your own personal palette.

Culinary Tour:
Epicurean Excursion

A unique and delicious walking tour where you’ll taste the foods, sip the drinks, meet some artisans & vendors in their shops - while exploring the lively Pearl District. If you watch the Food Network or consider yourself a "foodie," this is the adventure for you.

Curbside Cuisine Tour:
Flavor Street

We didn't invent the food cart in Portland; we've just perfected it. Portland’s Food Cart scene is sizzling right now and we'll take you on an insiders tour on what's hot and what's not: no hot dogs or pretzels here. You'll get their history, their stories, and their food.

Indulgent Tour:
Chocolate Decadence

Chocolate! Beautiful, decadent, wonderful chocolate! This is no mere tour of candy shops- we've assembled some of Portland's finest chocolatiers and are ready to showcase the vast world of sweet indulgence from bean to bar, and from cakes to cocoa.