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Tours: Makers & their Amazing Things


This is the true Portland tour.

The only way to truly understand Portland is to dive into its community and find the soul of its creative pulse, and Portland Walking Tours has found a way to do just that with its new “Makers & Their Amazing Things” tour. This is the first and only tour in Portland that allows locals and tourists to go behind the scenes, inside the creative hearts, minds, and makerspaces of passionate local artisans - a chance to meet and chat with these artisans.

Portland has become the worldwide “poster child” for an artisan and DIY renaissance. Why Portland? Why now? On this fun and fascinating walking tour through a few neighborhoods, it becomes obvious that Portland’s cultural roots lie deep within its desire to create, help out neighbors, feel connected to our community, and incubate our up-and-comers. In Portland, terms like “local artist” and “craftsperson” are synonymous with “Portlander”. It’s simply who we are.

"Come meet a hipster in their native habitat."

From among hundreds of tool libraries, workshops, makerspaces, and hackerspaces, we have partnered with many and are honored to bring to you at least four locations that are home to multiple artisans.

Tour Details

Tour Dates & Times

Fridays and Saturdays at 1 PMn

Check our full schedule for additional dates and times.

Starting Location

Meet at our box office indoors and under Pioneer Square (701 SW 6th Ave at Yamhill St).

Find convenient sheltered parking located at Smartpark on SW 10th & Yamhill.

Tour Duration

About 2.5 hours
About 1 mile

Advance Ticketing

This tour is limited in size, so buy your tickets now before it sells out.

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